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List of Barangays in the Philippines that we want to reach out for the indigent children.

Posted on January 20, 2010 at 11:27 PM

These are the Barangays in the Philippines that we want to have our outreach missions to serve the indigent children. If you are from any of these barangays, please send us an email and photos of indigent children, explain to us the situation of indigent children in your barangay and how you can help us reach them.

1.  Labuan, Zamboanga City. This is my birthplace and I spent 13 years of my life here (since birth to 13 years old: 1972-1985 where I finished my Elementary Education. Now I am coming back to help the poor children like me.)

I and my volunteers had our outreach mission here last March-April, 2009


Location of Labuan, Zamboanga City

Labuan is a coastal barangay and is about 36 kilometers from downtown Zamboanga City

Location: West Coast

History of Labuan, Zamboanga City

Barangay Labuan is a coastal Barangay 36 kilometers west of the commercial center of Zamboanga City. The place was used to be occupied only by the Subanen tribe, the “lumad” in Western Mindanao. Labuan’s name was taken from the Subanen word which meant “you fall there”.

Aside from the Subanens, indigenous people like the Tausugs, Samals and Chavacano also settled in Labauan. Intermarriage among these indigenous people encouraged them to stay permanently in this Barangay.

The Legend of Labuan”:

Long before Labuan got its name, the place was occupied only by the natives who were from the Subanen tribe. This tribe was headed by Timuway- the chieftain of the Suibanens. This chief used to sell their agricultural products in Zamboanga City by means of a “balsa” or raft. The agricultural produce included gabi, calabasa and banana. As they kept their trading activities with the people in the city, they were asked where the vegetables/produce came from. The chieftain answered in his language “ditto sug Labu an in bato rampoon.”

Another legend says that during one of the trading as the Subanens were loading their produce in the raft; some people saw them on the shores and shouted “Labu-an-dyon”, which is Subanen mean “you will fall there”.

Labu means ‘let it fall’. From the on, the place where the produce came from became known to be “Labuan.”

After many years of trading, the Subanens developed friendship with the Chavacanos from the city. Many thins were sold to the Chavacanos by the Subanens by trading only. Until such time, one day, a prominent Chavacano family traded the place of Labuan with a ‘native corn mill made of stone’. The prominent Chavacano family transferred to Labuan. The Subanens moved to another place to settle down once again.

article from the government of Zamboanga City

People of Labuan, Zamboanga City

According to the (2007 Census)

The Total Population: 10,418

Number of Household: 1,348

Local Government Unit LGU of Labuan, Zamboanga City

Elected Officers of Labuan for the term of 2007 - 2010 Punong Barangay:

Francisco S. Santos

Barangay Kagawad:

Ronaldo O. Maravilla

Eduardo M. Francisco

Jawadi S. Sarail

Segundo G. Sabran

Armando E. Saitas

Candido M. Biel Jr.

Catalina M. Tiu

Secretary: Merlinda T. Revillas

Treasurer: Asela H. Maravillas

SK Chairman:

Ron Carlo B. Maravilla

SK Kagawad:

Lovelyn N. Maravilla

Chantial C. Abdilla

Bernadine Claudette R. Biel

Regghie D. Cautivar

Marke Aide A. Balala

Nur-Ailyn J. Sarail

Jaber E. Joe


Businesses in Labuan, Zamboanga City

Arevalo's Farmhouse

Religions in Labuan, Zamboanga City

Labuan enjoys a diversity of Religion.

There are mosques

Catholic churches

Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal Parish

Labuan, Zamboanga City ( Founded: 1988)

Fr. Ricardo Borbajo - Parish Priest


Schools in Labuan, Zamboanga City

Don Ramon Enriquez High School Alumni Association

Batches Graduated on the following years

Click on the Year 1970 * 1971 * 1972 * 1973 * 1974 * 1975 * 1976 * 1977 * 1978 * 1979 * 1980 * 1981 * 1982 * 1983 * 1984 * 1985 * 1986 * 1987 * 1988 * 1989 * 1990 * 1991 * 1992 * 1993 * 1994 * 1995 * 1996 * 1997 * 1998 * 1999 * 2000 * 2001 * 2002 * 2003 * 2004 * 2005 * 2006 * 2007 * 2008 * 2009 * 2010 *

The Don_Ramon_Enriquez_High_School. Part of the National High School system

Labuan has a public Elementary School and a High School.

The Elementary school is headed by Quirico O. Duterte.

The High school is headed by Mr. Salihmatal H. Lagbas.

Labuan is the center of Education for all the Barangays listed below.


Expedito G. Alvarez- Principal

Barangay Head of School Enrollment

Anuling Noemi N. Noble 300

Cadalagan Zosimo H. Ledesma Jr. 227

Camp Susana Rosalio B. Conturno 396

Labuan Quirico O. Duterte 1790

Latap Pilar M. Villanueva 407

Limpapa Teofilo B. Macapili 464

Mtn. View Marcellano P. Agustin Jr. 166

Pamucutan Saac D. Kamsa 275

Patalon Honesto D. Feliciano 737

Pole Diutay Josefina D. Villalobos 193

Pole Grande Romeo A. Santos 138

San Ramon Patria E. Agado 148

Sinubong Job Erico E. Aragon 300

Talisayan Sarah D. Artates 638

Economy of Labuan, Zamboanga City

Fish industry, Agal-Agal, Resorts

Natural Resources of Labuan, Zamboanga City

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Tourists Attractions of Labuan, Zamboanga City

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Fiestas and Traditions of Labuan, Zamboanga City

Fiesta is celebrated every 27th of November.

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